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This page provides links to various AIMS documentation.

AIMS Full Help Guide

The AIMS Help Guide is the main support document for using the many features within AIMS. It contains a section on configuration with instructions to enable the AIMS system administrator to alter the default AIMS configuration set up to better meet the particular needs of your agency.

Once you have upgraded to the latest version of AIMS (currently Version 3), you can download the full help guide for this version, and copy it to the same location as the previous version.

By keeping the location of the help guide the same, all users' existing shortcuts to the guide should still work.

Assuming you used the default destination location when installing AIMS:

  • For the standalone installation of AIMS this will be: C:\Program Files\AIMS SA\Documentation\Help Guide\
  • For network installations of AIMS this will be in: ..\\Program Files\AIMS NS\Documentation\Help Guide\
    which can be found in the directory where AIMS is installed.

In either case you will need to rename or delete the previous version of the help guide.

 AIMS Full Help Guide  (Last updated December 2016 for Version 4.2)

AIMS Configuration Guide

Essential information on decisions that you will need to make to configure the AIMS software to suit the needs of your organisation.

AIMS Configuration Guide

AIMS Installation Guide

The guides below cover the different installation options for the three AIMS packages; Access, SQL and Demo versions.

AIMS Access Installation Guide (Version 4.0))

AIMS SQL Server Installation Guide (Version 4.0)

AIMS Demo Installation Guide (Version 4.0)

Cloud Guide to AIMS deployment

This guide explains the options for using AIMS in the virtual environment, including making use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud charitable donation programme. 

  AIMS guide to Cloud deployment

Migrating AIMS between SQL servers

This guide explains how to move SQL version of AIMS between two servers.

Migrating AIMS SQL between MS SQL servers (Version 4.0) 

AIMS mini "How to" Guides

The guide provides a short 3 - 5 minute demonstration of how to complete certain tasks in the AIMS software. Download the file and use Windows media player or any other free media software such as VLC Media to view the file.  

  1. How to create a new field in AIMS provides a step by step visual guide through the configuration process, demonstrating the creation of a new field and associated code list.

  2. How to download and import reports into AIMS  This guide shows you how to download and then import the ready made AIMS reports into your system. These free downloadable reports can be found here.

  3. How to build an AIMS layout and create a report and add conditions This guide uses one of the AIMS downloadable reports as an example to demonstrate how the report layout was designed and the report conditions added. The guide goes through the Layout Wizard and then creates a report and adds conditions.


  4. How to fix a corrupted AIMS Access database using a Temp folder backup copy file that has been created by AIMS when the database is first opened. Please also see / download the additional information contained in the Word How to guide, which should be read alongside the video presentation.



AIMS Support Contract

Outline of what support for the AIMS software covers.

AIMS Support Contract.pdf

AIMS Accessibility Guide

Overview of how AIMS works with the Accessibility Options in Windows XP. Information about how AIMS can be made more accessible through the use of 3rd party software and built in options. 

AIMS Accessibility Guide

AIMS Licence Agreements

By installing and using AIMS you agree to the AIMS EULA (End User Licence Agreement). Users of AIMS SQL version additionally agree to the AIMS Annual Licence to Use.


It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of AIMS as soon as possible as support for the previous version will end 3 months after the latest version is released. If you have a current support contract upgrading to the latest version of AIMS is free.

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