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AIMS Access Upgrade and Patch Fixes. Files contain installation instructions and the new exe (.zip file)

This patchfix corrects a number of small issues. Users can also use this patchfix to upgrade so long as they are already on at least version 4.0 of AIMS. Issues fixed include, missing descriptor field in work done contact, column layout and alignment in Action manager, and a problem in the 3rd party function and how it connected with the Global Address Book entries.

 22/02/2018 AIMS Access V4208 patchfix

This upgrade corrects the Welcome screen text alignment issue experienced by some users on certain monitors. Please ensure you have a valid and up to date licence key before upgrading to version 4205.

 08/05/2017 AIMS Access V4205 upgrade

This upgrade adds a block delete / data removal function that allows users to delete subjects and client records on-masse, based on the last updated date.

05/12/2016 AIMS Access V4204 upgrade

This upgrade provides AIMS Extra users with an enhanced Linked Client function that captures the relationship and carer status between client's for the associated subject, E.g. Parent - Carer / Child - Cared for.

 15/07/2016 AIMS Access V4200 upgrade

 This upgrade adds a new date field to Coded Outcomes, enabling users to create interim outcomes that can be reported on whilst the subject is still open. 

AIMS Access V4110 upgrade

This patchfix fixes a problem that caused some subject and work done notes not to appear in the All Work Done report, and also amends how the various notes fields will appear when saved into excel or as a CSV file format. PDF reports can now be copied and pasted from. 

 11/01/2016 AIMS Access V4105 patchfix

UPGRADE TO VERSION 4100. AIMS users holding current valid licences can upgrade (instructions included in download zip) to take advantage of the latest version platform and new Distance Travelled functionality. 

 28/09/2015 AIMS Access V4100 upgrade

This patchfix amends how invalid document links are reported to the user, and also provides a right-click re-set option in the work done screen allowing users to re-set the columns to their original width.

 12/07/2015 AIMS Access V4006 patchfix

This patchfix corrects a problem that caused some re-sized screens to freeze when opened. If you have not already done so this upgrade will also install Version 4.

 21/04/2015 AIMS Access V4005 patchfix

This patchfix remedies a problem in how AIMS Notes interfaces with Microsoft Word. For some AIMS users, background Word documents were closing when the AIMS notes field is exited. If you have not already done so this upgrade will also install Version 4. 

 29/03/2015 AIMS Access V4003 upgrade

This patchfix corrects the notes scroll bar (text not wrapping) problem. If you have not already done so this upgrade will also install Version 4.

 21/03/2015 AIMS AccessV4001 upgrade

 UPGRADE TO VERSION 4.0.This update will upgrade existing AIMS Access users to the new interface. Update instructions are included in the zip file.

The upgrade includes a number of new features (e.g. additional user defined fields, re-sizeable forms, new reports). This upgrade will enable implementation of future planned developments.  

AIMS Access V4000 upgrade.zip

 This patchfix will allow users to see any of their Word letter templates that have been created with a docx file extension.

 20/01/14 AIMS Access patchfix Version 3634


This update provides users with new reporting functionality. All users now have a Date Difference function that can calculate the lapse time between any two AIMS date fields. Extra users also have the ability to now calculate client age band data using the clients date of birth.

 09/05/13 AIMS Access Version 3632 Upgrade


 This update makes important technical changes to how AIMS commits transactions to the database, and will improve security and performance and help eliminate any server deadlock issues. Despite not adding any additional functionality we strongly recommend you update your system as soon as possible 

 26/11/12 AIMS Access Patchfix Version 3630

This patchfix solves a potential problem being caused by Microsoft's English and US date locale settings that in Windows 7 can result in AIMS being assigned US date orders. This problem can affect stand alone users, network machines as well as those using roaming profiles.  

 23/02/12  AIMS Access Patchfix Version 3621

 This update fixes a problem in the search field which prevented some users from being able to search on certain post codes. It contains all the changes specified in the 4/10/10 release below.

 12/11/10  AIMS Access Patchfix Version 3619

This update provides a number of fixes (detailed below) and makes a change to the locking protocol utilised by AIMS

Locking Protocol:
Where a client machine using AIMS experiences a momentary drop in connection with the server, a user may find themselves "locked out" of the record they were working in by their own previous connection. From now on AIMS will bypass locks created by the same user login, and no lock out will occur.
N.B. In organisations where several users share a common log in, e.g. guest or admin, please note that this change of protocol will no longer prevent two users being in the same record.

Fixes and changes:
Default values can now be set for the How and Where contacted fields in the Work Done contacts screen.
The Convert function in Report layouts (only available in AIMS Extra) can now be applied to all field types. For instance, you are now able to map your Post Code field using the Convert tables' function which will enable you to report on clients by local authority wards or other geographical location. E.g. HR17 = Upper Town, HR19 = Upper Town, HR2 = Lower Town (see Conversion tables in the Full Help Guide).

The client notes field no longer prevents new client profile fields being moved to different places on the form.

The search screen sometimes duplicated search results under some specific search criteria, this no longer happens.

AIMS graphic "print" button reports can now be run using a work done date range condition without causing an on-screen duplication of graphic report records.

 04/10/10  AIMS Access Version 3618 Upgrade

This Upgrade contains the new functionality described in row 10 below. If you have not completed the 3611 upgrade you should now upgrade to this version instead to activate the new features.

If you have already upgraded to 3611 you are advised to still complete this upgrade. No new features will be added but the underlying table naming protocol will be updated. We apologise for missing this item from the earlier upgrade.

Upgrade instructions are included in the zip file.


 AIMS Access v3613 Upgrade (Zip File)


This Upgrade provides users with: A notes field in the Client form

New contact management features for Organisational clients, giving individuals at Organisations their own address and email contact details as well as the ability to ascribe them "roles" within their organisation

Additional Diary and on-masse email facilities

You will need an up to date support contract to successfully complete this upgrade.


AIMS Access v3611 Upgrade (Zip File)


See 3509 below. This upgrade fixes the red codes that were still displaying in the client form.


AIMS Patch fix version 3601 


This upgrade makes the Spell Checker function configurable. Spell Check can now be switched off for individuals or for all users.

Address Line 1 now searches simultaneously in Address Line 2, making it easier to find clients with complex addresses.

Provides a new Subject Total Time spent count allowing improved reporting on either very long or very short subjects.


AIMS Upgrade Version 3600 


This upgrade/patch prevents switched off codes appearing as Red in drop down lists.

Recurring Diary Room Booking cannot be accidentally double booked. Search feature allows multiple fields to be search at one time.


Aims Upgrade Version 3509 


This patchfix corrects problems with printing client in full, saving reports and refresh rates in the notes field.

This patchfix contains all V3.5 updates listed below. If you haven't already got the new features help guide, please download it using the link to the right


Aims Patchfix Version 3506

Version 3.5 New Features Guide


AIMS Version 3.5 includes the following brand new features:

Add Batch En Masse Data Entry

Services Used Profiler

Action Manager Assigner

Document Linking

Formatted Notes fields

Mail Merge to Email

Set Client Default Status

Changes to Organisation Contacts

This version updates the Quick Reports module and allows all formatted notes fields to be print as seen on screen.

IMPORTANT - If AIMS is still being used to record Legal Services Commission contract matters you SHOULD NOT undertake this upgrade.


AIMS Upgrade Version 3504 


The Legal Services Commission screen and all associated franchise contract work functionality has been disabled. Please see the Changes and fixes document included in this download for full details.


Fixes in this upgrade:

Fixed problem with the use of apostrophe's in the search and manage users screens.

Grouping problem within Report Layouts has been fixed.

Fixed the "Must apply updates before refreshing" problem in Outcomes / Financial Outcomes.

Mailmerge Suite tag lists will now showthe conditions used to generate the report at the


AIMS Patch /Fix Version 3100 


Organisational Contact details are now fully editable Display problems with reports showing minutes has been fixed 'join not supported' error message for Diary conditions in reports has been rectified.

New Features: LSC Franchise users can now use the LSC Online reporting facility, AIMS save the files in XML format AIMS now includes the latest version of the Consolidated Matter Report Form (v4 October 2006) Additional functionality in Action Manager allowing speedy deletion of overdue items


AIMS Patch /Fix Version 3020 


This patch fix corrects problems with syntax errors when using indent in report conditions.

The fix also deals with the use of reserved characters such as apostrophes, which are now permissible in report titles and directory headings.


AIMS Patch / Fix Version 3008


This patch fixes a number of data entry issues that were causing error messages such as "record is deleted" and "must apply updates before refreshing data".

Work Done and Contact information can now be added as conditions in reports.The runtime condition "All" can now be selected in reports.

We are aware of possible "syntax error" problems in some upgraded reports. Please contact us if your reports have been affected, and this patch fix does not resolve the problem


AIMS Patch / Fix Version 3003



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