Choosing the right package

AIMS is available in Microsoft Access (AIMS Access), and Microsoft SQL Server (AIMS MS SQL) versions.

The free and demo versions of AIMS are available in Access versions only.

Which AIMS application is right for us?


The AIMS core application provides agencies with the ability to report on the work of the agency to a high level of detail. The information available will provide key data for social policy analysis as well as helping you provide facts and figures for future funding applications. The AIMS Core application is available in Free and pay for versions and has the following features:

  • Client and Organisational contact details
  • Individuals' and Organisations' user information and client profiling data
  • Contact and problem counts, including dates, duration, where and when
  • Work Done information including quantity and notes, referral etc
  • Letter and form generation to assist with case management (Client mail merge)
  • Outcome monitoring, including financial outcomes
  • Suite of standard reports or design your own

You can purchase AIMS Core which allows up to 15 concurrent users. This version of AIMS is available in either Access or MS SQL versions.


The AIMS Free version of the database provides all the functionality listed above, allows one concurrent user log in (although multiple users can register their details within the system), and allows up to 100 unique client records with unlimited numbers of associated subjects.

You can upgrade to any of the other packages at any time, taking all your client data with you, and benefit from the additional functionality. The free version is available in Microsoft Access only. The AIMS Free package does not come with support. Please see the costs and ordering section if you would like to take out a support contract.

AIMS Extra:

AIMS Extra has all the features of AIMS Core plus the following case management tools:

  • Agency configurable templates for "next action" lists with built in reminders (Action Manager)
  • Individual and team diaries & calendars
  • Batch data Entry (designed to assist telephone help lines)
  • Mail shot manager (allows mass communication e.g. newsletters)
  • Linked Client and Third party details
  • Detailed financial reporting, multiple outcome monitoring and lots more.

You can upgrade from Core to Extra at any time.

AIMS Extra is available in either Access or MS SQL versions.

Which AIMS Version is right for us?

AIMS Access

The Microsoft Access version of AIMS is intended for use on a standalone machine, or in a multi user Local Area Network (LAN client / server) environment with relatively light usage, i.e. up to 15 users needing access to the database at the same time.

Licensing of AIMS Access is per site. If you have several offices or sites where data will be entered into AIMS, each office or site will need to purchase a copy of AIMS and a support contract.

If you wish to use AIMS in a busy network environment where more than 15 users need access to the database at the same time, or if users need to use AIMS over a Wide Area Network (e.g. from multiple offices on different sites, remote access from home etc.), you will need to purchase AIMS MS SQL.

We do not recommend using the Access version via a wireless connection. See http://www.lasa.org.uk/aims/faqs/#wireless for further information. 


AIMS MS SQL runs on the Microsoft SQL Server client/server relational database management system. AIMS MS SQL is intended for use in busy networked environments with more than 15 users needing access to the database at the same time, and / or where AIMS needs to be accessed over a Wide Area Network (e.g. from multiple offices on different sites, remote access from home etc.).

Multiple sites need only purchase one copy of AIMS MS SQL and a support contract for the appropriate number of users.

An appropriately licensed copy of Microsoft SQL Server is also required to run AIMS MS SQL.  AIMS can operate on the MS SQLExpress server which is available free from Microsoft. Otherwise you will need to separately purchase Microsoft SQL Server and licenses from a software supplier.

Charity organisations may be able to purchase software and licenses at a discount from specialist software suppliers, see TT Exchange website for more information.

Contact us

If you need help with choosing the right package, please call the AIMS team on 020 7377 2806 or email aims@lasa.org.uk


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