AIMS updates and fixes

This section allows you to download AIMS updates and Patch Fixes. When we identify a problem we will attempt to repair that problem and produce a Patch Fix as soon as possible. The latest Patch Fix will incorporate all the previous fixes so you only need to ensure you have installed the most recent. 

Patch fixes are available for AIMS Access, and AIMS Microsoft SQL. If you are unsure which version you have, click on the AIMS Help menu and select ‘About'. Here you will see information including the version number of AIMS, and whether you are using AIMS for Access, or Microsoft SQL Server. 

Remember to take regular back-ups of your data and to keep them safe. 

WARNING: You must have an up to date support contract and the correct licence details before updating, to avoid damage to your data.

Earlier versions of AIMS Access and AIMS Firebird users

Support for AIMS version 2 was withdrawn in December 2005. If you wish to upgrade from an earlier version of AIMS please contact us for assistance.

Firebird SQL versions of AIMS were discontinued in January 2014. 

Latest AIMS Patch Fixes

You will need to download the correct patch fix for the version of AIMS you are using. Follow the links below to download the relevant patch fix.

AIMS Access updates

Patch fixes for AIMS Access users

AIMS MS SQL updates

Patch fixes for AIMS Microsoft SQL users

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