AIMS is changing!

We've some exciting news we'd like to share about the AIMS system and our recent changes.

Over the last months we've rolled out a whole series of changes, adding more features and functionality, to improve the use and effectiveness of the AIMS system.

Everyone with an up to date support contract will get the improvements free of charge, with the exception of a couple of items available to AIMS Extra users only. (AIMS Core users might want to consider moving over to AIMS Extra to ensure they get access to all the new functionality.) As with all previous updates, the process will only take a couple of clicks, and all your existing data is perfectly safe.

We listened to your requests and suggestions and have put together a number of changes that will make AIMS even more useful, and more able to meet your needs.

New features will include -

  • linked client family and carer module
  • distance travelled outcome star measures
  • more user defined fields in the subject area
  • periodic outcome monitoring throughout the life of the case 
  • bulk delete function for 6 year plus records GDPR compliance

In addition, we'll be bringing out an updated interface, offering a fresh look, adjustable screen sizing and clearer navigation. But don't worry, everything will be where it used to be, everything remains easily recognisable and you won't need re-training.

New functionality will be rolled out, as part of our continuous AIMS development. Agencies will be able to upgrade at a time that suits them.

The Demo version always has the latest developments if you want to take a look. 

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